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I sent out emails to people on my waiting list one night, and all 5 pups were sold the next day. Some people didn't have a chance to check their emails before the pups were sold. So, since they are selling so quickly, and I want to help people be able to get their pick without being super pressured to hurry, I have started a new policy. I will have two different lists for future litters.

Deposit List:

If you want to ensure that you will get a pick of the puppies once they are born, you can send a $200 deposit and I will put your name on my deposit list. Once pups are born, I'll send an email with pictures to the first person on the deposit list. You'll have a little time to make your choice, then I will move to the next person, and on down the line. I will not go by specific color or gender, just what order I received your deposit in. All deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable to other litters if you don't want one from that litter.

Email List:

After all people with deposits have made their choice, I will send an email to those that signed up to be notified when pups are born. At that time, you can pick from the remaining puppies, or pass until the next litter. This choice also goes by who makes the deposit first. I have an email signup button on my Facebook page, as well as on the front page of my website.

All deposits can be paid through Paypal. Our email address for Paypal is If you make a deposit, please also email me and let me know. I hope this helps clear up any confusion and increases your ability to get the puppy you want.

These puppies have all been sold. I hope to have a new litter in a couple of months.

New puppies born 5/13/2020 Jase and Sissy We have 5 boys in this litter.
All pups will have first set of shots, been wormed several times, and have a vet wellness check before going to new homes.
They will be ready about July 8th.

Jase is a Seven Links Ranch guy.
He has been DNA tested for CEA, I-GS, MDR1, NCL, PLL and TNS and is clear
Puppies will not be affected by any of these disorders

Seven Links Ranch Border Collies

This is Sissy’s first litter. She was raised here on the ranch. She has been DNA tested for CEA and is a carrier. However, none of the puppies will be affected by this disorder since the sire is clear. 

Male #1
Black/White Tri


Male #2
Tri Merle


Male #3
Tri Merle


Male #4
Tri Merle


Male #5



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