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We are not shipping puppies at this time, unless you have already been here to see the puppy in person. This is due to the new USDA Regulations. The information below only applies to if you have already seen your puppy in person. Sorry for the inconvenience. There are some that are working to loosen these regulations, but at this time, we are still required to comply.


We will ship our Border Collie puppies anywhere in the continental United States by American Airlines or Continental Airlines, depending on the time of year.  Both airlines are very good about taking the utmost care of our Border Collie puppies.  American Airlines ships into more airports but has a temperature restriction.  They will not usually ship a puppy unless the temperature is between 50 and 85 degrees.  This includes the origination point, the destination point, and any layovers in between.  This can be checked out before purchasing the puppy for shipping. Continental Airlines has an air conditioned cargo area on their flights, depending on the aircraft so they don't have the temperature restriction.  However, these aircraft don't fly into all airports serviced by Continental, so that would need to be checked out also.

The cost to ship the Border Collie puppy to the lower 48 states is $425.00 in addition to the price of the puppy.  This includes the airline ticket, an airline approved travel crate, food, absorbent pad, and an examination, current shots, and a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of shipment.  We live quite a ways from an airport, so this also includes our expenses taking the pup to the airport. Our puppies also come with all required shots, current on wormings, and a Border Collie Puppy Guarantee.  

You will usually pick up the puppy at the front counter within 10 minutes of arrival.  Check with your local airlines before arrival to make sure.  Your puppy will probably be thirsty on arrival. You need to bring extra water in case the water we send has been used up. Puppies may throw up from the motion of traveling which will make them dehydrated.  They usually recover from this rapidly, within 24 hours.

All costs for the puppy and shipping must be paid before reservations will be made.  Please call or email us once you have picked up your puppy.  We will send your registration papers and shot records by mail.